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FreeConferenceCall.com International Has Arrived in Panama!

We would like to begin the working week with great news!  Panama is now part of FreeConferenceCall International.

If you are not familiar with Panama, below are details about the country.

  • Panama is south of Costa Rica and north of Colombia
  • Spanish is the official language but most Panamanians speak English fluently
  • Due to its serpentine shape, Panama is the only place in the world where you can see the sun rise in the Pacific and set in the Atlantic
  • Panama elected its first female president, Mireya Moscoso, in 1999
  • The Panama Canal is by far one of mankind’s greatest feats.  Literally separating two continents, the canal allows ships voyaging between New York and San Francisco to save 7,872 miles of travel. Today, the canal generates one-third of Panama’s entire economy.

(Panama Canal)

International Domination Continued: Welcome Argentina!

Welcome back readers! We hope everyone had an amazing time celebrating Mother’s Day.

Now that we are on the subject of family, we would like to inform everyone that FreeConferenceCall International has a new addition; welcome Argentina to our list of countries! Read More...

FreeConferenceCall.com International Welcomes Kenya

Last week we were excited to announce the arrival of Ukraine and today we are just as thrilled to welcome Kenya!

In order to familiarize everyone with Kenya below are a few interesting facts about the newest addition to FreeConferenceCall International. Read More...

Ukraine is Now Part of FreeConferenceCall.com International

Welcome back readers!

You asked for more countries and we are determined to deliver! Today we announce the arrival of Ukraine to FreeConferenceCall International.  Callers connecting from Ukraine now have an in-country phone number. Read More...

Slovakia, FreeConferenceCall.com Welcomes You!

Our international expansion is getting better and better as we continue introducing new countries.  Last week we announced the release of Pakistan, and today we have the honor of informing you that we now offer dial-in numbers in Slovakia! Read More...

FreeConferenceCall.com Welcomes Pakistan!

It is a great pleasure to announce the arrival of FreeConferenceCall International to Pakistan!

If you have family, friends, or business colleagues in Pakistan, you can now provide them with a dial-in number in that country.  We also welcome users in Pakistan to open their own account to conference with people in or outside their country! Read More...