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Tales From the Front Lines: Lessons from Your Trusted Customer Care Rep

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By Kelly Kincaid

This week I sat down with Nella Marov, the illustrious FreeConferenceCall.com Customer Care Manager. Part of the FreeConferenceCall.com family since 2012, Nella moved from the front lines to our management team after her first year. And as the most recent recipient of the Stevie Award for Customer Service Leader of the Year, I thought I’d try to suss out her secrets for success. Read More...

What to Expect in June

Today you will learn about everything we have in store in the month of June.

There are 4 hot topics to expect this month.

  • FreeConferenceCall International has added more countries.  Return on Tuesday to learn about the newest addition to our international footprint.
  • Trade Show- FreeConferenceCall will attend SHRM in Chicago, IL; learn more about this annual meeting and all the details of our attendance.
  • Customer Questions- Find out the answers to the top 3 questions customers have regarding our services.
  • Last but definitely not least, we will have a special blog post honoring all Fathers on their special day!

Remember: This blog is for you, if there are any topics you would like to learn about or have a specific question, please send us an email at blog@freeconferencecall.com and we will answer all questions. Read More...

Managing Brand Negativity on Your Social Networks

Social media is a very powerful marketing tool, but the conversational nature of social networks can make it difficult for organizations to maintain control of their brand. If your organization has profiles on social networking sites, be prepared to receive both positive and negative feedback from consumers. While social networking sites can open your organization to criticism, they also serve as very effective vehicles for managing customer complaints and improving your brand’s reputation in the process. Read More...