Embrace Creativity: Using Screen Sharing and Drawing Tools for Team Building

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January 31 is Inspire Your Heart with Art Day. According to MommyPoppins, there are all kinds of ways — and reasons — to celebrate. “Whether it’s written, painted, sculpted, or performed, art helps us feel, communicate, and make sense of life. Visit a local art gallery, take in a musical performance, or have an at-home poetry slam. Let children experiment with water colors, write a song, put on a dance show, or decorate a driveway with chalk art. Today is about celebrating creativity and the power of self-expression.”

Stuck at work? Don’t worry, you and your colleagues can still get arty.

During your next screen sharing meeting, use the drawing tools to highlight your point:

FreeConferenceCall.com desktop app drawing tools feature

Better yet, give everyone the chance to be a presenter and do a team-building exercise. Get each team member to contribute to drawing a virtual group picture. Don’t forget to try this with your kids, too.

FreeConferenceCall.com desktop app switch presenter feature

Go on, people, get creative! It’s good for the soul.