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Engage Your Audience with a Personalized Wall


A personalized Meeting Wall creates not only a first impression, but also a personal connection with your callers.

Don’t miss this opportunity to solidify your connections by customizing your Meeting Wall with a photo, your company logo and a brief description of what you do. Better yet, draw your participants into the action by posting a meeting agenda or shared presentation. The more you encourage participation, and personalize the experience, the more you can expect engagement from those in attendance. Read More...

You’re In Control with Web Controls


We’ve all been there. You’re just ramping up your best-ever meeting overview when that perpetually late coworker rings into your conference line. Or, just as the your team is finally warming up and throwing out some great ideas – one colleague’s dog starts barking while the other walks into a coffee shop and forgets to put their phone on mute while they order a half-caff, non-fat espresso with extra foam. Read More...

Create Your Ideal Call Mood with Custom Hold Music


Quick; think about your all-time favorite song. Hearing it? What intense emotional event in your life does it remind you of? Research published in the Psychology of Music indicates your musical preferences can tell someone a lot about you – from your politics to your age and even how you were raised. So it’s no surprise to learn that music can also be used to create certain moods, focus attention or even increase sales. Read More...

Employee Mobility and What It Means to Your Unified Communications Strategy


By President Bob Wise

Technology is transforming the world—and the way we do business. With an increasingly mobile and global workforce, more companies of all sizes are turning to phone and online conferences as a convenient, cost-effective way to stay connected with their employees, partners, vendors and customers. Read More...

Top Strategies for Creating A Truly Customer-Driven Company


By Bob Wise, President

Many companies today are focused on becoming customer-driven or customer-centric enterprises. The terms usually refer to a process of deploying business strategies throughout an organization to better understand and serve customers. That’s an admirable goal, but reshaping company culture can be a daunting task and many fail to get past fielding a few customer surveys or creating a customer advisory board. Others make great strides with their customer-facing workers, but fail to integrate back-office staff.
Whether you’re an entrepreneur with a new idea, a project team leader or an executive adjusting to new market realties, research around successful customer-driven ventures indicates there are three key strategies that contribute significantly to success. These strategies offer guidance for everything from creating the business model to retaining customers and letting them help you find new areas for growth. Read More...

Free Tech Tools to Train Remote Sales Teams

A key facet of the success of a sales team lies in effective onboard training and on-going education. In many organizations, the training role resides with human resource employees who have little knowledge or expertise in effective sales techniques. Other organizations utilize top-performing sales teams to lead highly dynamic and effective sales training presentations – only to find company revenue down for the month due to taking their star players off the field. Read More...

The Future of VoIP According to COO Josh Lowenthal

As part of the Dell Insight Partners program, IT consultant Bev Robb interviewed telecommunications industry leaders for their insights on the benefits and challenges of the current transition to VoIP telephony. In part one of her two-part series, Josh Lowenthal, chief operations officer at provides his views on the future of VoIP and limitations of what he says is a “very transformational” technology. Read More...