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FreeConferenceCall International now offers Online Meetings!

Our International service just got better! We now offer online meetings with FreeConferenceCall International, providing users with a free feature designed for screen sharing, web conferencing, product demonstrations, webinars and more. This new tool allows hosts to share their computer screen during their live conference calls. Read More...

Holidays Come Once a Year, Let us Ring you Near

Do you have family and friends or even colleagues living overseas?  Don’t let distance keep you apart for the holidays.  With our innovative free conferencing service, you can talk to them in all of our covered countries!  For example, say you have a sister in Germany, a brother in France and your in-laws in Spain-with FreeConferenceCall International, you can talk to them all on the same call and everyone dials a local number in their country! Read More...

How to Import Contacts to SimpleBlast

In order to add contacts to your SimpleBlast account, a phone book must be created.

Follow the 3 easy steps below to create a phone book(s):

  1. Log into your SimpleBlast account and click on the My Phone Books tab
  2. Select Create New located on the left hand side of the page
  3. Type in the title for the phone book and click Create

Create multiple phone books to make it easy to send message blasts to a select group of people. To manually add a single contact to a phone book, click ‘Add Recipient’, also located on the left side of the page. In the next window, fill out the contact’s information and click ‘Add’. Read More...

How to Use the *2 Touch Tone Command: Caller Count

While on a FreeConferenceCall, hosts have the ability to get a count of callers on the conference line, by pressing *(star) 2 on the phone key pad.  Knowing the caller count is a great way to ensure all invited participants have dialed in. The *2 touch tone command can also help the host know if anyone new has joined or disconnected while the call is in progress. Read More...