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Get Ready for a Whole Lotta Awesome: Launches Free Video Recording Software

A collage showing surprised faces

Tomorrow, March 10, is a really big day. It’s International Day of Awesome.

Ok. So this might be the most apropos holiday for, ever. You doubt? Let me explain, with numbering, bolding and bulleting.

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What is an Online Meeting?

We are glad you asked! We created this short video to showcase how easy it is to use your account for screen sharing, video conferencing, drawing tools, chat and more!

Send us a picture on social, of the view behind your Online Meeting, using the hashtag #MyMeetingWasHere. We love hearing from our amazing customers!

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How To Work Smarter in 2015

If your New Year’s resolution is to do better at work, you’re not alone. People around the world set lofty business goals for the New Year with much disappointment at the end of the year. According to Forbes, only 8% of people attain their New Year’s resolution. Why? Continue reading

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What Brand Is It?

FreeConferenceCall is the Brand Behind it All 

“Born a bakers dozen of years ago, still privately owned by a single individual, it serves millions of people each day, in almost every country, brings people together and has successfully become a household name without making big spends on advertising

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Quick Guide: Recording Your Calls

Did you know that every account comes with a free recording and playback feature?  Our recording feature makes it easy to start and stop recordings during your calls, and recorded calls may be accessed either online or via telephone.  Continue reading

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Customize your Calls: Audio Controls with

Did you know that you can customize your audio settings on  See our quick tips below for changing tone controls, muting callers, and suggestions on how to limit static and echoes on your conference line. Continue reading

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How Web Conferencing Can Benefit Your Business

StartMeetng: Share Better!

If you’re new to web conferencing, you’ll find that there are plenty of benefits to hosting regular web meetings: it’s cost effective, saves time, and can help you extend your business to remote clients.  Below, we share five great reasons for making the switch to our convenient StartMeeting web conferencing product.

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