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Meet Our People: Heather Hall, Director of Finance at

Heather Hall, Director of Finance at

By Heather Hall

I’m Heather Hall, and I’ve been Director of Finance at for the last two and a half years — it’s taken me almost that long to decorate my office (priorities, people). I came to the company with nearly 15 years experience in the telecom field. Industry-speak would probably refer to me and other long-term telco folks as “dinosaurs” — there aren’t many of us left! Read More...

Cutting Costs as a Small Business

By Jessica Sullivan, Guest Blogger

Small businesses generally have it tough. You don’t get the benefit of economies of scale and you don’t have as much influence on the wider economic and political environment. What can you do? You can specialize, innovate and fill a unique role in the marketplace. So whether you have a physical location, online presence, or both — there are some ways you can scale back your outgoings and keep your finances out of the red. Read More...

How to Improve Supermarket Retail Sales in 10 Straightforward Steps

Shopping in supermarket with technology

By Samantha Rosario

The primary goal of every supermarket is to maximize profits. To improve retail sales takes time and persistence. But, good planning and sticking to a sales strategy is only half of the work.

Studies show that customers tend to shop multiple retail supermarkets. Particularly in this digital age, consumer loyalty to just one store is dead. Yet even without that focused brand of customer loyalty, you still need to have loyal customers. Why? Loyal customers remain more profitable than non-loyal, even if they are harder to come by. Read More...

Meet Our People: Luis, Graphic Designer at

Luis Deniz, Graphic Designer

By Luis Deniz

Hey everyone! I’m Luis, Graphic Designer in the amazing Marketing team!

Interestingly enough, I joined the Development team as a part-time Web Design intern. During my internship, I learned incredibly valuable lessons that expanded my knowledge of design, organizational skills and the benefits of working as a team. Read More...