Monthly Archives: November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

We wish everyone a wonderful holiday with your friends and family.   This weekend is the perfect time to share with your loved ones, and give thanks for everything we are blessed with.

As for us in the office, we had our FreeConferenceCall family lunch.  We decided to have a potluck where everyone shared some of their favorite dishes.  Below are a few pictures of the food and desserts we enjoyed.


Phone a Prayer

FreeConferenceCall is perfect for telephone prayer.   Prayer lines and church organizations frequently use our conferencing lines to gather people around the world in a simple and efficient manner.  This is perfect when prayer/church members who live a great distance from each other or when there simply isn’t time to drive out to a specific location.  FreeConferenceCall doesn’t only save users time but money by enabling them to interact over the telephone instead of traveling.


Best Practices for Working With Remote Colleagues

Working with remote teams is a reality for many of today’s modern businesses. Impeccable organization, collaborative tools, and strong communication are the keys to keeping your projects on track. Use these best practices for collaborating with your long-distance colleagues: