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Educational Webinars: A Powerful Tool for Marketing and Lead Generation

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Hosting an educational webinar is a great strategic marketing move for your organization. Not only can you showcase your thought leadership, but you can also spread brand awareness and generate leads. Read on for recommendations on the best way to plan, promote, and execute a successful webinar.


You Missed a Meeting? No Problem!

You can’t attend a meeting, it happens to all of us.  Now what?

The host of the StartMeeting conference can help by recording it.  Recording a meeting might sound intimidating, but in reality the process is quite simple.  At the beginning of a meeting the host can record both the audio conference and the screen share session from their meeting controls (which we will discuss in full on our next post).  Below you will see an image of the button that has to be switched to ‘ON’, that’s it.  StartMeeting will record the visual and audio portion of the meeting (if both are being used, otherwise only audio is recording if screen sharing is not being used and vice versa).  Once the meeting is completed the recording button must be switched to ‘OFF’.


Personalize Your Meeting

We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  This week we will continue presenting the various features of StartMeeting.

As mentioned in our previous post, StartMeeting offers Screen Sharing.   By registering for Screen Sharing you will also receive a customizable Meeting Wall!  With this feature you have the ability to personalize a landing page that your participants will see when joining your meeting.  This page (Meeting Wall) can be customized to your preference at any time. Editing the page is fairly simple; all you have to do is login to your StartMeeting account.   As soon as you login you will land on your Meeting Wall that looks like the image below.


Let Us See What’s on Your Screen

Greetings Readers!

Today we would like to continue informing you about our newest service, StartMeeting.

In our last post, we explained the various options callers have in order to connect to the audio portion of a conference call.  StartMeeting also offers the option to share your computer screen while conferencing.  This easy to use tool is perfect for displaying documents, websites, power points and more.


Managing Brand Negativity on Your Social Networks

Social media is a very powerful marketing tool, but the conversational nature of social networks can make it difficult for organizations to maintain control of their brand. If your organization has profiles on social networking sites, be prepared to receive both positive and negative feedback from consumers. While social networking sites can open your organization to criticism, they also serve as very effective vehicles for managing customer complaints and improving your brand’s reputation in the process.


Six Ways to Motivate Your Volunteers

Your volunteers are the lifeblood of your organization. Keep motivation high and show your appreciation with these great ideas.

1. Make volunteers feel included. As soon as volunteers join your organization, introduce them to other volunteers and staff so they get to know everyone. As they feel settled in the organization, ask their opinions or involve them in the decision-making process when possible, so they feel personally invested in the project.


No Excuse to Not Connect to a Call

Among one of the best features that StartMeeting offers is the ability to connect callers to a conference call through a U.S. toll number, a toll-free number, and/or HD (high definition) VoIP.

When using a free StartMeeting account, customers will dial a U.S. toll number. This is perfect for those connecting from a cell phone with nationwide minutes. Also, if callers are connecting from a landline with a long distance plan, they are covered as well.